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          Hoyas are known as the wax plant because their flowers and leave have a waxy look and feel to them. They are a genus in the Asclepiadaceae family with most of them, except a very few, having milkweed . The sap runs clear in such plants as the Hoya carnosa, Hoya fungii. Their species are found from Japan and China in the North, to Indo-China and Australia in the South; some also grow from India to the Pacific Islands.

          Almost all Hoyas are vines that either trail or climb, but some are more shrub like or actually hang down. They are always found on the stem and branches of trees in the forest. Their leaves also vary

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species_q.jpg (9758 bytes) from very succulent as Hoya australis ssp.rupicola to coriaceous as Hoya coriacea, from very large as Hoya grabra  to tiny as Hoya engleriana. Also, their flowers range in size from nearly 4 inches in Hoya lauterbachii to 3mm in Hoya bhutanica. Their colors go from white, yellow, green, pink, purple to dark red and to nearly black in Hoya ciliata. All colors are found in hoyas except blue.

          After having explored my site you will get a good idea of what these varieties are like. And if you have any comment, or more information, please write them to me at my e-mail address. Thank you for visiting my homepage.


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Found new clone 'Alba' of H.graveolens in species a-h section, 3 new species in species i-p section and 2 new species in sp. & hybrid section..


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